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Home Heating Oil Delivery - Cape Cod, Plymouth, Kingston, Duxbury

New Colony Home Heating Oil -   Let us take care of your heating needs and provide you with peace of mind this heating season.

We are a family owned and operated business. Owners Rick and Maureen Mahoney have been serving Cape Cod's home heating oil needs for 25 years. As a family owned business, they are onsite and ready to take care of your oil needs. New Colony prides itself on excellent customer service and competitive pricing.

Call our office, and compare. We look forward to serving you.  1-800-640-1807

Conveniences Offered:

  1. 24 Hour Service
  2. Automatic Delivery
  3. Same Day Delivery
  4. Senior Discounts
  5. Competitive Prices
  6. Annual Burner Cleanings
  7. Reliable Timely Deliveries
  8. Budget Plans
  9. Tank Removal
  10. Replacement Service
  11. New Installations
  12. Burner Conversions
  13. 24 Hour Burner Service
  14. Fuel Assistance Accepted

New Colony Home Heating Oil
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Mailing: Box 242, West Barnstable MA 02668
Phone: 508-428-1807
Toll-Free:   1-800-640-1807


Full service company without full service prices!

Automatic delivery -   Let us take the worry out of heating your home this winter season with automatic delivery. At no extra charge to you, automatic delivery is the way to go. We schedule your deliveries so you don't have to. No more waiting for the delivery man, and more importantly no more running out of oil.

Annual Tune up -   An annual service keeps your system running efficiently, saving you money. Don't wait for a problem to occur, get your system in good running order now.

New Installations -   Replacing your old inefficient heating system with a new efficient system is a cost effective way to keep your home warm this winter. Our licensed technicians would be happy to answer any questions you have. Call our office today.

Oil Tank Inspections -   A primary oil tank inspection will ensure that your system is in good operating order and ensure that the systems and products that make up your oil heating system will be compliant with current insurance requirements. Safety is our first priority, so schedule your tank inspection today at no charge to you.

Tank removal and replacement -   Protect your home today and replace your oil tank with a new double wall tank. A double wall tank provides that extra protection needed to keep your oil storage safe. Replacement of your oil tank can be done stress free by our licensed oil technicians. Most tanks can be removed and replaced on the same day, at no inconvenience to you.

Call our office, and compare. We look forward to serving you.

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